Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Big Day

Shannon and Grant were married on Saturday, October 1, 2011. The wedding took place in Santa Ana, at my dad's shop. It was held in a 50 x 30 ft. tent with tables and chairs, a full bar, a live band, lots of hot rods and we even fired up a front engine dragster during dinner.

The guests waiting for the Bride to arrive.

Shannon and Carl (dad) drove up in a 1954 Chevy.

Carl walking Shannon down the aisle. Her dress was vintage '50's style. Her bouquet was made of pink roses. This is where the tears started for most, but amazingly I did not cry a tear. I was so happy with the wedding.

They took the wedding vows on a black and white checkered dance floor. The ceremony was sweet and somewhat entertaining, as you can imagine with Grant and Shannon. When asked what she loved about Grant, she had told the minister that he was tall and funny.

The Wedding Kiss!

Carl, Me, Shannon and Grant, after the ceremony.

The Father Daughter dance was to Louis Armstrong's "Wonderful World". So sweet.

What more could a couple ask for in a wedding?

Now we have a son-in-law. Yay.

Shannon will do a full blog when they return from their mini-honeymoon. This is just a teaser blog for those who are anxious to see what it all looked like.

Thank you all for being so supportive through all this.

Love to All, Kathy

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Betty said...

Shannon looks so beautiful! Everything looks perfect.