Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Miss My Daughter

I suppose I'm being melancholy but I really miss you Shannon. I was looking through old videos on my computer and came across this one.

When I would talk to Shannon on Skype I would snap pictures of her. Then I put them together with some music. So cute. These are from the very first days when she went to New Zealand. She missed home at first. Sybilla was just a baby.

Now she's moving into a new house this weekend, signed a one-year lease. I'll just have to visit you and see you on Skype.

Love you, Mom

Monday, July 12, 2010

After Reading This Blog, You all will Say "Kathy, Get a Life"!!

This is what I've been doing for the last week. Carl went fishing, so I worked on the house.
The landscapers finally came and did the work I had requested. They removed all the hodge-podge plants, leveled and put sod in the yard.

My plan is to put a large pot with a bush or tree in it just to the left of the front window.

The house was recently painted and I'm really happy with the look.

My little flowerbed in the patio.

The gladiolas bloomed so nicely, those were from Carl's mom's bulbs she shared with me years ago.

While Carl was fishing, I painted the hallway wall.

It's sort of our "gallery" wall and has had so many nails and holes in it, it really needed a fresh coat of paint.

Now for my latest YouTube movie of the week:
Not much to blog about. Hope you were slightly entertained.
Thanks for looking.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Rockets Red Glare......

I'm sitting at my computer on the Fourth of July evening, listening to the booms and pops going on down the hill at the various parks celebrating the 4th. Lili is hanging out close to me, dogs don't like fireworks.
I went to brother Carl's to party with him and Kathleen, Lacey and Kristen and family and kids and dogs. They had a table full of good food and I ate a ton. Kathleen made BBQ chicken in the crock pot to put on rolls. Lacey made "blue" rotini pasta salad, and lemon blueberry cake/bread and cookies. Everyone brought food.
They were out in the pool playing when I arrived around 5 pm. Dean was wearing his floating one-piece swimsuit.

Dean and Maddie were dancing, nice moves Dean.

Maddie is Nick's (Kristen's boyfriend) little sister. She loves to dance and is a gymnast.

Kristen finally got off work at 6 pm, and made it before all the food was gone. Notice the blue pasta on her plate.

Dean keeps so busy, you have to watch him every minute. He takes ice cubes and throws them into the pool. And he delivers beer to people.

Lacey and Kathleen

Poor Sandy dog, she was terrified of the fireworks going off in the neighborhood. Fireworks are legal in Buena Park so everyone buys them and lights them off in the street after dark. The neighbors were testing early, sounded like M-80's to me, really loud and illegal. Notice the chewed off leash, original teather for Sandy. She chewed it off and the had to tie her up with a large chain. They gave her a Benedryl to calm down.

This is the famous "Garando" Kristen's condo in the garage. Custom decorated by Nick's grandma. This is her bar and refridgerator and eating area.

Her living room. Love the shelf around the top of the wall.

I left before the sun went down because I wanted to be home before all the drunk and crazy partiers hit the freeways. I was shocked at how empty the freeway was, all the way home. I had to take a picture. Everyone was either in a stadium, waiting for a fireworks show, or home in their own backyards, BBQ-ing with friends.

When I got home I headed next door to Rondi and Neil's where they were just finishing up their 4th of July party. Everyone left except me and Teresa and Neil and Rondi, so we went upstairs to the bedroom balcony and watched the fireworks in the skys from Pomona to Long Beach.
I didn't take many pictures, Lacey did, so we'll have to look at her blog too.
Oh, Carl went fishing, so he wasn't here for the celebrations.
Adios, Kathy