Saturday, December 4, 2010

Second Week in New Zealand

Shannon is just starting the job search process. She looks so cute in her interview outfit.

On Thursday we spent the day in Auckland (downtown), had lunch at the Sky Tower. There was a humongous Christmas Tree in the center of the lobby. The Sky Tower is similar to the Space Needle, with a gambling casino. A big tourist spot.

Outside, looking up at the tower, there was a car mounted to the side of it. This gives you an idea of how huge the tower is.

I felt like taking a stroll around the city, but Shannon wasn't up for it, so we walked one block.

Next we headed to the Botanic Gardens, south of the city. I had been there twice before on my other trips here, but now the flowers are all in full bloom.

The gardens are located on many acres of land (?not sure how many) with lakes and paths.


We sat in the building for a while perfecting our camera adjustments. After the gardens we went to Craig and Mel's to stay with Ruby while they attended a Christmas party.

Shannon entered her art in a show where all pieces measured 10 x 10. Her's is the little robot to the right of her. On Friday we planned for and shopped for the party on Saturday. We stopped by the exhibit on our way to shop.

It's a great idea for an exhibit.


On Friday night we met Alina and Tom for Indian food. Grant makes it a point to screw up pictures, so I'm posting this one anyway, because Shannon and I look alright.

Tom and Alina. It was so good to meet Tom and to see Alina again.

Saturday the party started at 3 pm, we prepared all day for it. Made potato salad, salsa, margarita mix, guacamole.

Dinner was great, hamburgers and salads. Peter, Rebecca and Sybilla and Mel, Craig and Ruby all came and brought goodies for the meal. We had such a great time. Carl joined us for a time on Skype. The guys got to chat with him.

R U B Y !

Today is Sunday and we are getting ready to take the ferry to Rangitoto Island to do some hiking. I hope I make it. Photos to follow.


Betty said...

Those flowers are gorgeous. It looks like you are having a fabulous visit. Are you over your cold? Hi to Shannon.

Anonymous said...

Keep those blogs coming. I feel like I'm there myself.

Love ya'...


Anonymous said...

Ruby looks so big... there's definately no baby left in her!!

We had a fabulous time!! It was so great to spend some time with you =0) LOVED your lemon cake and your salsa and the guacamole!! Oh and your margaritas were the BEST!!! Wee teeny tiny headache on Sunday but that means a good time on Saturday huh!!!

Take care,