Sunday, May 3, 2009

Amanda's Bridal Shower

Cousin Amanda was given a Bridal Shower by her girlfriends on Saturday, May 2nd. It was held at Savannah's Restaurant on the beach in Huntington Beach. The weather was perfect, not too hot - not too cool. I sat with Lacey and Lynne. There were a few players missing from the clan, we missed you and you gals missed a good time. Shall I list the missing?? OK I will. Shannon, Lisa Ann, Kathleen, Kristen, Dana, Sophia.
They served delicious appetizers, there was an open bar, Lynne and I were drinking Bloody Marys, and we all had a really fun time. Here are a few pictures of the shower.
Lynne (looking lovely) and Amanda (simply glowing!)

Lisa with her girls.

Amanda: put down the cell phone - this is your shower!

Gift opening - she received so many nice gifts, mostly for the kitchen.

And.... a couple for the after-party!

Lacey - Me - Amanda - Lisa (her mom)

We played a few fun games - the most entertaining one was a team competition. We were given 4 rolls of toilet paper, and each team built a TP Wedding Gown on one of the team members. The girl on the left one.

I'm not sure what was happening with this gown???

This is our team dress. Lisa was on my team.

Brandie with her bouquet.

Here are two short videos of the shower.

Next up - The Wedding!

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Lacey said...

that was a fun party, i love hanging out with everyone. excited for the wedding!