Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving and the Train Trip

On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, we took the long journey over the meadows and through the woods, to Pete and Carol's house. (actually across the street). They invited me and Carl and Dad (Roy) to join their family for a delicious turkey dinner with all the fixings. As usual we had a wonderful time.
It was a lovely warm day, so we sat outside. Carl and Roy.

Kelly, Peter, Pete and Nancy.

Grandma Carol and baby Peter

The Train Trip to Union Station was the next event this busy weekend. On Saturday morning we met up at the Pomona North Metrolink train depot and caught the 10:28 am train. Since we did a last minute plan for this trip, there were only 6 of us. Tim and Cathy, Ty and Kim and me and Carl. You can click on the pictures to view them up close, for the full effect (then click back arrow to go back to the blog site.)
Union Station was decorated for Christmas. We all posed by the tree. I especially like the snowflake over my head, like a tierra.
This one could become our Christmas card.
Kim, Ty, Carl, Me, Cathy and Tim.

After arriving at Union Station, we walked across the street to Olvera Street, and immediately ate taquitos. Our destination was Phillipe's for french dip beef sandwiches, but since we just pigged out on taquitos we decided to walk up to China Town and mess around there for a while so our stomachs could make some room for the next meal. First stop in China Town was the Wonder Bakery, where they make the best cake and almond cookies. We all shared a large cookie and piece of cake, to clean our pallets from the taquitos.
China Town is famous for shops that sell crap that no-body needs. Good thing is it is cheap, crappy-crap that usually breaks and costs next to nothing, so it's easy to dispose of after you've played with it for a bit. My big purchase was my new Gold-Plastic Tierra and a fake cigar that really smokes (grey powder).

Guess Who?? Yup - it's Tim Peron - ready to scare little kids with his freaky big girly head mask.
This is a picture of me with the China Town background - the Queen Tourist.

When you buy a train ticket, the ticket is good all day to ride busses, the underground Red Line and all the other lines. So to make good use of our money spent, we caught a city bus to go two blocks back to Phillipe's to have lunch. The line was extremely long, as usual, but we did get our sandwiches and boy were they good. The train trip just to go there is worth it.
This is the short story of Willy the Wee Wee. Ty and Kim have friends that had a Wee Wee Indian (you pull his pants down and he pees). The Indian went all over the world, people would take him and share him and finally someone lost him. In China Town, Kim found his replacement, a peeing Willy doll. And now his life of traveling begins at Olvera Street. He will have his picture taken all over the world. He has his own website, but I don't know what it is right now.
Willy joined an unknown couple having dinner and posed next to their margaritas.

Willy - hiding amongst friends of similiar make, but different nationality.

Willy borrowed a sombrero to pose outside a mexican store.

Finally in Union Station he posed next to the big Christmas tree.

Willy - ready to board the train home.

TIM!! - No body can see you! Good job getting out of the way for the picture.
Carl and I, on our way home, under full control.

The troublemakers.
Here's a little video clip of our train ride.

More video on the train

We had fun and usually take a train ride the day after Thanksgiving, so any takers, raise your hand for next year.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Saturday was Moving Day for Full-Bore

On Saturday morning Carl and I headed south to Orange County to help dad with his final move, which was to move his race car to his new shop. We decided to go early and stop at the Donut Derelicts hot rod event first. We got there by 7:30, had a cup of coffee, and walked around a bit. I didn't imagine it was such a huge event.

After that we went over to Roy, Jr's condo to visit. It was completely empty. Roy and Lisa moved up to Ventura; Amanda and Keith will be renting the place now and Roy will stay there 3 or 4 days a week so he can build hotrods.

We headed to the shop in Santa Ana, via the Pacific Coast Highway. It was a beautiful, clear morning and so nice because the tourists were all gone and it was empty just like the good old days. We went to Newport Blvd., turned left and drove directly to dad's old shop.

The guys were already there, emptying out the big storage trailer into everyone's cars and trucks. Engine pieces and stuff. This is the side yard and the big white trailer is going to Roy Jr's place to be used for storage. It's wedged next to the wall and dad used the forklift to pull it out and after many attempts he finally did it. We haven't seen the side yard this clean in so many years.

Dad on his fork-lift moving that huge trailer.

The last time the race car will be assembled in the old Deuce Factory/Full-Bore shop.

Mike Kinne doing a fine job.

Roy and Donnie (something about a football and Monkeys)

Here is it, the empty shop. My parents bought this building 30 years ago. We had some really good times here, and some really crazy times. Shannon learned how to walk in this place. I spent over 12 years working here, everyday, with my crazy family. It's a wonder we all didn't kill each other, not that we didn't try many times.

So many good people have passed through these doors, so many friends. It was the gathering place for locals, and friends from all over the world. Roy built his beautiful race cars right there in that spot below. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be to say good-bye to an old tilt-up building. We all still have the memories in our hearts. Only the good memories.

This is the lunch area. I looks so small now. There was a refridgerator, a microwave, a table and chairs. There used to be highchairs for the grandkids when they visited. We had dad's 50th birthday party right in that spot. All of his hotrod friends came over to share cake and laughs.
OK enough of all that, it's time to move on to bigger and better times. Good-bye 424 W. Rowland building.

Another video of the last stroll throught the old building.

The challenge was going to be getting the forklift to the new shop. The new shop is only less that a mile away. And this is how it was done. Mike Kinne led the way in his car. Pat Kinne drove the forklift, and Carl and I followed him with our flashers on. Just like the Rose Parade.

He made a right turn onto Main Street, where the traffic goes 40 MPH, that was scary! Sorry about the bug splat on my windshield.

OK - this is the last video for this blog, it's the final approach to the new digs. Pat - wonderful job on the forklift driving.

Here we are - the new building. It is so nice. Dad did such good preparation before he moved in. He's really an incredible man; he's the senior citizen energizer bunny.

This is the new office, everything fits, and he put in a window so he can watch Art Chrisman come and go. He painted the entire building inside, built a new office (none existed), new floor, ceiling in the shop, etc. Actually he hired people to do all that, but still, he had it done.

Looking at the desk, then the little refridgerator and microwave on the back table, and of course, like any professional office, your typewriter lives on your microwave, Duh.

He measured everything ahead of time to make sure it would all fit, and it Just Fits!

There's a back door, the race car has the main floor.

This is a happy man! All his friends helped with this whole endeavor, he really has some dedicated friends. Now it's time to start a new era, a new chapter, in a wonderful place, right between good friends, Art Chrisman and Squeak White. I'm so happy for you dad. No more bullshit everyday, only good times. I told you that good always comes with change.

If you're ever in the Santa Ana area, stop by and visit Roy. His new address is 224 E. Alton Ave, Suite D., Santa Ana, CA 92707 714-436-0822. He'll be sitting at the door, waiting for you, with a huge smile. (also if you click on any of these pictures, you will see everything up close and personal)
Love, Kathy

Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's Nice to be Home, and It's Nice to be in NZ

Where did my first week home go?? It took me about 3 days to unpack. Carl was so good to do his own laundry for 3 weeks, then I opened the hall closet and found - the ironing, hiding from me, waiting to pounce. I've been ironing all weekend. Of course my dryer is not working now, no heat. I'll call the guy tomorrow to get that fixed so I can do more laundry. It's good to be home, but it was also good to be in New Zealand.

More about our Wanaka "vacation in a vacation". The 3rd week of my stay in New Zealand, Shannon and I flew down to Queenstown in the South Island and stayed in Wanaka with our friends Andrea and Garth. This is their home.

This is the garage which is the bottom level of the house.
This is the picture perfect view out of my bedroom window.

We even got to help with the vineyard, and feed some rose bushes at the end of each row.

Feeding the donkeys who live down the lane.

The Melbourne Cup - horse race was being held while were were there, so we fixed up some of Andrea's hats and celebrated with the locals at the Bullock Bar in downtown Wanaka. Garth won $78.00 on a horse.

After the Bullock Bar, we headed to Frenchies where the local socialites were having a grand time. They all dressed up and there were awards for the best hat, outfit, etc. Shannon and Andrea enjoyed the festivities.
We stopped to visit the neighbors sheep along their driveway. Shannon fed them some bread.
Here's a little video clip of a sheepdog herding a lamb back into the fenced area.

Cromwell, Otego - a beautiful area where two rivers meet. Shannon is posing.

On Thursday, Garth took us 3 girls for a jet boat ride on the river. His friends ran the operation. The boats have twin turbo engines and go really fast, then spin a 360 right in the middle of the river.

Garth didn't go on the boat ride with us, but when he picked us up he said "let's go - I have a helicopter ride waiting for you girls". Me - being the big chicken - said I don't think I want to do that. But Shannon insisted that I did. Here is the chopper.

Just before we took off- that smile on my face is excitement and fear.

Brendan, the pilot, took us to the top of a mountain and LANDED on it. I was afraid to get out, but I did.

Brendan, Shannon and Me.

Shannon and I stood right at the edge of a sheer drop - Amazing!

This video clip is of the helicopter taking off from the spot we stopped at.

This video clip is taken where they filmed Lord of the Rings. Most of the area we flew around is where much of the movie was filmed.
Just one of the many pictures we took from the sky. Every inch of land is a postcard view. It's all so incredibly beautiful there.

On our way back to Wanaka from Queenstown, we stopped and the Bungy Bridge and watched people jump.

Our last night in Wanaka, a beautiful sunset.

The front patio deck off of the kitchen.

You can click on any picture to see it enlarged to get the full effect of the scenery.
If you ever wonder where would be a nice place to take a vacation, go to New Zealand. Save up and go. Kathy