Monday, December 1, 2008

Team 777 Party

On Saturday, the Bonneville Team got together at Roy's house to celebrate their accomplishments at this year's Speedweek. Dennis got into the 200 MPH Club.
We watched the video of the event and all of Dennis' passes on the salt, including the record runs.

Dinner was catered by Roy from a great little Italian restaurant called Cosmos. Everyone loved the pizza, salad and pasta. Mike and Sherry brought beer and dessert, Pat and Sheryl brought appetizers as did Lynne and Kenny. Everyone else brought desserts, man there were plenty of goodies.

Pat, Sheryl, Sherry and Lynne.

Not sure exactly what Sheryl was up to, but she was definitely having fun.

The Jukebox.

Pat and I posing for pictures, so Carl could practice using a camera.

Football on TV and the guys in deep conversation.

Carl, Mike and Kenny

Roy and Lynne and Dean.

Carl and Donnie almost mirroring each other - strange.

The bumper car. We all were reminiscing about when the grandkids were little and they all fit into the bumper car seat together. That was 20 years ago; my, time flies.

Here are 4 generations - Grandpa Carl - Great-Grandpa Roy -Mom Lacey and Baby Dean.

Me and Lynne - the cleaning ladies.

This is the dessert table, we had over-kill on the sweets.

Lacey, Brandon and Dean.

Near the end of the party, we were playing with the antique games. There is a machine you put a penny in and you can squeeze handles and measure your strength on a spinning dial. I had to video Carl because he knows it went around 2 times. Hard to see. I didn't get any pictures of Kristen, but she is in this video.

A tour through the party.

We all missed Shannon at this party. I especially missed all her help she usually provides. Everyone says hi to you Shannon, and everyone wishes you the best.



beeswax said...

Still - no comments on my latest blog - how sad.
Yes sad. I hope someone is being entertained. That little comment is the little bone you throw me to keep on blogging. Whaaa Whaaa!

Shannon Olson said...

ok we need a new blog from you now I know you are keeping busy but we want to hear about it! love you

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,
I am also waiting for another blog update - Keep On Blogging!!