Friday, September 7, 2012

Fun with the Family

This is my new "favorite person". I just love hanging with little Hazel. Doesn't mean the rest of you aren't a close second, but get real, you just cannot compete with this little cutie-pie.

What can you say about "Boys"?? Cute, funny, busy, wild, sweet. Love these little guys, Ryder and Dean.
You girls are still cute, too. Just not as cute at the little ones. Then there's Grant, the family comedian.
We have the best friends and neighbors. Love to get together with everyone. Carl and Peter came home with a pile of fish, so we had an excuse to have everyone over for a party.
BFF's!! We do have so much fun together.
Shanny-the-nanny's former employer and good friend, Peter.
Grown-up cousins, Shannon and Lacey.
These guys all stayed overnight and hit the pool the next morning. Love the blow-up mattresses.
 Shannon posing by Rick's roadster, they matched. Clean-up day at grandpa's shop.
 It poured rain here in the hills one day, a flash flood.

Then we have fires in the hills, on Sunday 9-2-12.
It was a few ranges back and not a threat to us, but looks pretty dangerous.
I sent this to Pete and Carol to scare them. Nice of me.
I'm back at art classes. This was done in my drawing class. I pasted Aretha's picture, then drew all around it. Next week I'll start the watercolor class.
That's my update for now, I'm sure that there will be more happening soon.