Sunday, June 19, 2011

LA Roadster Show Weekend

Father's Day Weekend is also known as The LA Roadster Show Weekend. For as many years as I can remember, that's where we spent Father's Day. It would be the family gathering place before ours kids were born; and then later we would bring them to the show. All six kids; Shannon, Amanda, Lacey, Kristen, Erik and Grant, playing, running around, eating and having fun. The tradition continues with the new set grandkids, Ryder and Dean.

Carl and Roy reserved spaces together in a triple space booth inside building 4 of the Fairplex. The entire show has been reformatted, everything has changed. It was nice being inside the building, but we missed out on the show going on outside. I like the way it used to be better.

Friday was set-up day. I brought Shannon's art to sell at the show for the first time. I also brought some race car parts to sell for dad, sort of a swap meet booth.

Friday afternoon was the So-Cal Speed Shop Open House. We went there and checked out the current projects and visited with all the hot rod friends. Afterwards we ended up at JP's Sportsbar for Pizza and cocktails. Garth Hogan is in town from New Zealand, so he and Tom joined us and Neil and Rondi for dinner. I drank too much, as usual; that place makes the best Vodka Tonic. Let's just say... I don't remember some of that evening....funny!

Saturday morning, up at 5:30, wishing it was 10:30. Got ready and to the show by 7 AM.

My table faced Roy's table.

Here's all the beautiful art by Shannon. I sold 6 pieces this weekend and gave out quite a few brochures. Hopefully she will get some commission work from this.

Roy and Robert, selling and giving away West Coast Street Rods t-shirts, and candy.

Then on Sunday, Father's Day, the gang all showed up. Here's Amanda and Keith.

Carl was selling his shiney parts. He brought his race car to show and attract.

I brought dad's old race car parts that were going to be sold at a swap meet. I sold most of them.

Ryder really likes Uncle Carl and wanted to help him.

Sunday's art table.

Ryder and his Grandpa-Roy. Those two are very close.

So sweet.

That's all of dad's parts that are left to sell, on the pink top table.

Dean, Lacey and Brandon came. The boys liked playing inside the chassis with their "Cars" cars.

Carl's display.

The boys had their own car show.

Lacey and Brandon. Lacey looking lovely in her "Maxi" dress.

Dean cannot wait to drive this car someday. He's practicing already.

A photographer discovered Dean in the cars and started snapping photos. Dean, the ham, did some serious smiling for her. He's been taught to "smile and say cheese", and does a fine job of it.

Both boys were driving. Ryder is pretty shy for pictures.

Dean is stepping on the gas and hanging on for dear life. That was so funny, he was horizontal, and red-faced.

It was a great day with the family and next time Shannon and Grant will be here to spend it with us and to set-up her own booth. I had two kid-sized art pieces left over, so Dean and Ryder received them to hang in their rooms. They know that Shannon painted them.

Dean got the Deuce in the Sunrise on the Salt, and Ryder chose Al Teague's Red Roadster.

Thank you Cousin Shannon.....

It was a fun weekend. I got to spend time with my brothers (hence the headache) and got to talk to so many old friends that I haven't seen for a long time.