Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Other Blogs

If you look to the right of my blog and see the list of friends' blogs, you should check out Lacey's blog "Donatelli Family" and also "Anna's Excellent Adventure". Lacey is so creative and funny, she is an inspiration. Anna is a very good writer and is living 30 years in the past in New Zealand, and having one experience after the other, and is also funny and clever.

I'm scanning pictures of Al Teague's cars so Shannon can do a painting for him. Someday she will be a sought after artist for automotive personalities and cars. It takes time and effort to build up the portfolio. Keep on painting and drawing Shannon.

Carl is cleaning the garage, there is a huge lizard or snake living in it. I can tell by the large do-do's all over the floor. Either one.... has to go! They have a smorgasboard of spiders and bugs living in there, maybe if the garage gets cleaned the critter will move out.

Happy Sunday, Kathy

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Missed a Week

To recap the last week before Shannon hightailed it back to New Zealand.....
The same day she left was the Bonneville 200 MPH Club party at the NHRA Museum. Not wanting to miss the company of our good friends we made it a point to attend, eat some great BBQ, then take her to the airport.
Here at the lunch table is Shannon, Dennis, Grandpa Roy, Jim Travis and Donnie.

They held a raffle for some great prizes and 50/50 for the entire amount of $$.

Dad really wanted this picture of Andy Green breaking the sound barrier at Black Rock, but someone else won it. I went over to see it and offered the guy $50 and he took it. Now it is proudly displayed on the wall at Full-Bore! Happy Father's Day dad, early.

Shannon with two of her favorite guys, besides Grant, of course. Fast Kenny Hoover with his arm on her shoulder.

Modeling by Dennis' car.

The day before, Friday, we invaded Lacey and Brandon's house. Everyone showed up for a BBQ. So much fun. The boys played in the back yard on all the ride on's and on the big jungle-gym. Dean driving the fire engine.

Ryder was playing one of Brandon's guitars.

Dean on his electric 4x.

Uncle Roy with Amanda and Shannon.

Ryder going down the slide with no legs!

Fearless Dean!

Wounded Dean!

Put your shoes back on Ryder!

Ryder was wounded, cut his finger, Nanny Shanny to the rescue.


That's all the BBQ pictures I took, there were so many people there that night, but I must have stopped taking pictures. We had steak and chicken, roasted potatoes, pasta salad, and more.

Last year when Shannon and I visited New York City, we ate at a great little place called Serendipity 3, you know the place where we each had $15 sundaes for dinner. Betty had recommended it and it was super. So last year, Betty sent for some Frozen Hot Chocolate packets to us girls. I saved mine to enjoy with Shannon, and we sure did. Thank you Betty.

On Thursday, of the "Last Week" with Shannon, we took the train to LA for dinner and drinks. Rondi and Neil and Betty and Brian joined us for a marvelous time. We started at the famous "Musso and Franks Grill", the oldest restaurant in LA.

The Olson clan in front of the restaurant, with the Hollywood Walk of Fame Stars on the sidewalk.

Betty and Brian went to the city earlier in the day to conduct some business, so they had a huge head start on us at the bar. This restaurant is like going back in time. Nothing has changed, even the waiters. I think we were the only ones there for a while then maybe 4 other people showed up. We were early, most people don't even go out until 8 or 9:00.
Betty Shannon and Rondi.

Family at the bar =)

Animal print was in that day. Forced smiles!!

Pretty Girl! big pupils.

Dinner was delicious. A very special day with good friends.

After dinner we walked a few blocks to Hollywood and Vine. Shannon on the corner of H & V.

Me with the Capitol Records building in the background.

We made it!!! The Frolic Room. Our favorite place.

Just a dive bar, with great drinks, the best jukebox in LA and fun people. And a cute bartender who was fliting with Shannon.

Brian's new best friend.

Betty and Me.

We miss you Shannon. Thanks for coming to visit. Now for some rest.

We caught the last train out of town.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

We miss you already

Today, Shannon went back to New Zealand. Tomorrow this house will be quiet and lonely. Tomorrow, Grant will be a happy man because he got his girl back.

We went to the Bonneville 200 MPH Club Summer Party at the NHRA Museum this afternoon. Shannon posed by Dennis McNeil's car as a joke, but the picture came out pretty hot.

We took her to LAX around 5:30, this was hard to do. I said "No Crying", but that didn't happen.

It's sooooo hard to say good-bye.

We waited until she went up the stairs and through security.

The poor guy in front of her looked like he was feeling bad because she was crying. He tried to make her laugh, or else he was laughing at me taking pictures of her crying.

Shannon, we stopped at Souplantation on the way home; yes more food. Tomorrow we diet!!!
We love you and miss you already. Lili asked what we did with you, we warned her that she's next.
Love, Mom/Kathy