Saturday, November 28, 2009

Train to Union Station 2009

The Friday after Thanksgiving has become Metrolink Day, the day we all go to Los Angeles on the train. We met up at the Pomona North station and boarded the 12:38 train.

Rondi and Neil and Sean and Stephanie caught the 1:38 train and met up with us. We were a group of 19 people.

When we arrived at Union Station 4 of us walked to Philippe, a Los Angeles landmark, famous for inventing the french dip beef sandwich. Tim told us the real inventor of the sandwich was Cole's.

This is the entry to Olvera Street, a little Mexican shopping area, the first settlement in Los Angeles.

The larger group went for Mexican food at the only sit-down restaurant.

When we finished our lunch at Philippe, we met up with the gang and had a margarita while they finished their lunch. 2 Cathys/Kathys - 2 margaritas.

Sean and Stephanie, joining us after their delayed train ride to town.

The Britt's facing us across the bar at the Mexican restaurant.

The Olson's.

After everyone finished lunch and drinks, we walked to Chinatown. A few people had some special shopping to do, things you can only get in Chinatown.

We did our game - buy something for under $3 that is strange and unusual to show and tell about on the train on the way home. That is always good for a laugh.
The girls.

Steph, Sean and Kevin leaning against the wishing well.

The neon pagoda at Chinatown

We walked about a mile or more back to Union Station so we could catch the Red Line to Hollywood and Vine, to visit the Frolic Room.
Hollywood's oldest bar, the Frolic Room is just a slip of a room with one long bar, really well-made drinks, a juke box that only plays the best early rock and roll and has a comfortable feel to it. It sits right next to the Pantages Theater where the Oscars used to be held back in the 50's. All the old time actors and Hollywood royalty used to hang out here.

Great drinks, and cheap. Only $7.00 for a killer margarita. Tim told us about the Frolic Room, so we went there during the summer with Shannon and Grant, Tim and Cathy.

Teresa and I.

Carl and I. It's really dark inside, as a bar should be, so it's kinda blurry.

Posing on the way out. We had to get back to Union Station so we didn't miss the last train out of town, at 9 PM.
We walked across the street to the Red Line subway station.

Waiting for the train.

Male and Female Ted Kazinski look alikes, waiting for the train.
Part of Tim's show and tell was a sick looking pony tail. So we put it on his head and he did the comb-over.
We had the train car to ourselves, except for one guy who probably figured out he got on the wrong car. We are a little crazy by the end of the night.

It has become a tradition and I don't think any of us are ready to grow up yet.
Hope you enjoyed the blog - we enjoyed the trip.