Thursday, April 16, 2009

Night out on the town

Can you believe it? Carl and I went out on a Wednesday night. We went to the Hip Kitty Jazz and Fondue Lounge in Claremont. It was great! There was a live Jazz Band and they played really good jazzy rock. Wednesdays are Open Mic and sit in with the band night, so people would replace the keyboard, drummer, and bass players. A 19 year old young man played the bass guitar for a while, that took nerve and he was really good.

Then a man played some Jimmy Hendrix on the bass and he was outstanding. He must be in a professional band, I hear that sometimes pros will sit in. Anyway we had such a good time and didn't get home until midnight. Who knows, we may go out again one of these nights.

Kathy (the party girl)

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